iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 Cases to protect our stylish phone this summer!

During the sales we often forget the technological accessories such as covers for our iPhone. MeltyFashion serves memo and offers shopping tailored for you to be stylish over the waves.



In our ideal accessory kit resulted from Zara to go on vacation we put a nice mini tablet cover but we omitted to specify that protect your phone is also indispensable. So we avoid the endless crying episodes following the meeting between our iPhone and sand, for example. And as a happiness never comes alone, you can also show off in boasting that you have a look studied down to the smallest detail. Balances are so your favorite playground to obtain casess of iPhone 5 or 6 very staggered at discounted prices. So we nosed at Urban Outfitters, ASOS and NastyGal offering us a panel of well-girly enough for a summer fun. Urban Outfitters is the wisest brand for tech gadgets but we will still have found our little happiness. The animal print is timeless, especially when the skin we see it – false – and that it is colored a delicate orange, perfect to pimp our iPhone 5. Things Boom is played it more discreet model with a blue triangular patterns . As our iPhone 6 is a gem on the front of a minimalist graphics but protection.

Camaieu observed the habits of French fashion but nothing was said about our consumer technology products, such as smartphones accessories. Perhaps it is not a reflex than buying enough to make our beloved fashion phone, yet impossible to ignore in this season. ASOS knows this and has multiple guns models that delight everyone. Our favorite brands? Iphoria and Skinnydip.

At first we fall for two models of feminine fashion and casess Sunset Boulevard which is a varnish bottle dark burgundy nails and one that transcribes a bottle of pink perfume. Of course, SkinnyDip is in the running with these models watermelon pattern, very imposing, but also with embroidered red lips on it. The little detail that we love. Both will be crazy on your iPhone 6. More conventional but quite retro, the hull max white dots on red Cath Kidston is also ideal for our iPhone 5 before it does too infatuated with the very sassy cases ice cream – with face please – Moschino.

Our iPhone 5 will be the star of Fashion Weeks as well. Finally, it is in NastyGal we finished our shopping with hulls Felony Case Kaleidoscope stones and the geometric pattern phosphorescent, both for iPhone 6. During balances, everything is good to do this with pleasure and meetings gossip with your girlfriends while on vacation, your iPhone has needed a little makeover!

This week: protective iPhone Cases, iPhone 6 Patchworks

Phone 6 Case iPhone 6 Patchworks



You still have not found the perfect cases to protect your iPhone 6 … Yet you searched the website … The team will offer you to change your mind as you design a super class and protective cases.

Patchworks the Korean brand has designed an ITG protective cases for your iPhone LEVEL 1 6. This accessory is essential for the clumsy in you. This cases is a perfect shock-proof. It will protect your phone against drops daily or dust.

This protection was designed and produced in Korea. Its build quality is impeccable. To ensure strength in all tests of your clumsiness, the protective cases Patchworks ITG LEVEL 1 is certified military MIL-STD 810g.
A protective cases that faces all events

The design of this protective cover for iPhone 6 is ultrathin and lightweight. Available in 4 colors: black, red, silver or gold; there will be something for everyone and every style. Do not wait the next 6 scratch on your iPhone to protect it. Anticipate!

The protective case Patchworks ITG LEVEL 1 for iPhone 6 is priced at € 11.95 instead of € 29.95 on Friday July 10 at 12 am until Monday, July 13 at 12am.

MagBak: a case to attach their iPhone around 6 More information:

This year 2015 seems to be that innovation regarding the protections for our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.Just likeExtraVersowhich we mentioneda few daysago(read:ExtraVerso: aniPhone caseto makeselfiesno hands), dozens of start-upscompete tooffer ever moreinnovative products.MagBakis bothminimalistprotective caseand a solutionto fix youriPhoneor iPhone66 Plustoany surface. The project wasrecently fundedthrough thecrowdfundingsiteKickstarter,and garneredno less than206,450dollars on15 thousanddollarsneeded for itslaunch!



Specifically, the MagBak case comes with two MagSticks. These tapes that can be adhered by an adhesive on the car for example, or on a wall of any material (wood, glass, aluminum, leather, wallpaper or still tissue). It only remains to ask their iPhone or iPhone 6 6 More in landscape or portrait mode and the magnet will be responsible to maintain it. If you are interested, know that you can now pre-order your MagBak case on the official website of the company at that address. The price is set at $ 39, excluding postage. The iPad version of the accessory is also available at the same price. It is on his side already available to the public

Flash Promote SlimPack Protective cover for iPhone 6 on sale for 7.95 euros!

This week, we offer the SlimPack protective cover for iPhone 6 on sale for 7.95 euros! Ideal for protecting your iPhone at low prices! Every week, we offer a nice promo on our online shop through an offer made Privilege products offered solely for this operation! Please note this offer has a limited duration in time: from Friday to 22:00 Monday (subject to availability).


Korean brand SlimPack presents here a completely transparent protective case of 0.9mm thickness for iPhone 6. This translucent case is constructed of high strength material polycabornate with anti-slip polyurethane edges. Choose purity with this transparent case of an exemplary finish!


Grosse promo: A protective case iPhone 6 certified to Military Standard € 11.95

This week, we offer a protective case iPhone 6 in Military Standard Certified PROMO 11.95 €! Every week, we offer a nice promo on our iPhone and iPad online shop through an offer made Privilege products offered solely for this operation! Please note this offer has a limited duration in time: from Friday 12:00 to 22:00 Monday (subject to availability).


The protective case iPhone 6 certified to MIL-STD 810G finest in the world !! The protective case for iPhone ITG LEVEL 1 6 of the Korean brand Patchworks stands as the essential accessory for extreme protection for your smartphone. This protective case is shock-proof, falls and dust. Ideal to accompany you during your outdoor activities! Designed and produced in Korea, this protective case is of impeccable quality of manufacturing! His military MIL-STD 810G certification ensures a strength in all tests. You are guaranteed to have optimal protection for your iPhone while maintaining a certain elegance. Indeed, unlike other hardened hulls market, ITG CASE LEVEL 1 has an ultra thin and light design!